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I made a Knitting Pattern, I call it the Handsome Hat

Monday, December 27
I wanted to make W. a hat that fit his personality.  Thus, the handsome hat was born.  It combines simplicity and masculinity with a little flair.  He loves it, and wears it all the time, which makes me really happy.  I loved this pattern so much, that luckily I remembered it, and now it is for sale on Ravelry.com for anyone to enjoy!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas- I know it was the best one I have had in years.  W. proposed....well he proposed during the lunar eclipse with one ring to trick me (I loved the first ring, mind you)- then a few days later, on Christmas Eve, he surprised me with a ring he had been collaborating on with a jeweler for months, both are beautiful!  We were also blessed with the first snowy Christmas anyone from this area can recall.

I also hand painted some custom shirts for G. and they were a huge hit for her niece and nephew!

Hope everyone has a splendid New Year's!

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