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Baby Alpaca and Business Cards

Thursday, November 11
In case you weren't aware, I am creating and selling my art in order to work from home and give to those less fortunate than myself. My charity of choice is Pendleton Place Children's Shelter.

I will donate 10% of my sales to Pendleton Place. Please help me live the life I dream about!

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." ~Frederick Douglass~

I'm almost finished knitting another baby hat- this one is made from baby alpaca yarn blended with silk!  It is so incredibly soft and warm- the baby who wears this will be pampered silly!  Alpaca is naturally hypoallergenic, so this little hat is not going to cause itching.

I also just ordered some business cards- I got the official LLC papers for It's The Potatoes! back from the Secretary of State today.  I am officially a business owner!  I'm trying to decide whether or not I want to stay on Etsy or move to my own website- advice is appreciated!  

Also, in case you weren't aware, it is very easy to place custom orders- all you have to do is email me (itsthepotatoes@gmail.com) or find me on Etsy (http://www.etsy.com/shop/ItsThePotatoes) and request a custom item, we can work something out!


Wednesday, November 10
A couple of items I've (unintentionally) not shared until now...

This hat and bootie set screams hip baby!  The hat just needed something to finish it and make it something really special- and I think the funky flower was the PERFECT thing!  I really love this little set.

The blanket is even sweeter in person  and is the perfect size to become a child's cherished 'wubby'.  I am debating adding a border to it- I sort of think it's perfect the way it is.

I completed this baby beanie a couple of days ago.  It is 100% cotton and super cute.  The brim can roll up or down to accommodate child's growth.  I adore the way that the stripes came out!


Bibb Lettuce!

I just finished knitting my first bib, and I must say, I am really proud. I am calling it "Bibb Lettuce" because I think it looks like a a beautiful leaf.  I am contemplating what sort of closure I want to put on the strap, and whether or not I should make it more special with some crocheted details- I think I will.  I keep seeing a pretty little girl in her Sunday best wearing this sweet little bib for Easter.  I am thinking pink roses might be just the thing to make it extra special.  I will definitely be making more of these, I LOVE it!  Feel free to let me know your thoughts and suggestions, feedback is always welcome!

On another note, I am so looking forward to little A.'s arrival, and I really hope her mommy comes back to the South ASAP- I already miss her!  Everyone, cross your fingers!  I might just have sneak up to Utah and get her myself...

I am probably going to try my hand at amigurumi this week (and hopefully finally get around to playing with the sewing machine!...and maybe weaving as well)  W. wants amigurumis for Christmas, so I had better get started- Batman, Spiderman, and Mega Man have all been requested (along with many others).

Hope everyone is doing well!  Be grateful to our Veteran's this week and always- they give their lives in ways I don't think I could ever willingly face.http://www.etsy.com/shop/ItsThePotatoes

Teapots in the Bathroom

Friday, November 5
"What, huh?  A teapot in the bathroom?"
"No, a neti pot.  It looks sort of like a teapot."

I got my first order officially shipped today!  So exciting!  Should be there tomorrow for C.'s first birthday!

I'm so glad it's Friday, it should be a fun family weekend.  Hope everyone has a nice time.  I'm going to work on learning all about the sewing machine and getting my own website set up.  Wish me luck!

If anyone has ideas for the store inventory or advice regarding website/online store set-up, please let me know!

Late Night Knitting and Painting Monkeys

Thursday, November 4
Who doesn't love baby clothes?  They are some of the most precious things in life.  Tiny and adorable, designed to make something already irresistible even more so.  A baby is cute no matter what, but a baby dressed with love is that much cuter.

Is it an evolutionary thing to want our young to be as beautiful as possible?  To inspire feelings of love and protection to all who gaze upon them?  I know there have been studies on this...I'm just not sure that clothes came up.  It's been proven that parents and people in general take better care of children that are perceived as more attractive (seriously, look at random studies performed in grocery stores, it's sort of scary).  I don't think it could possibly hurt to give your child a boost up with a yummy little outfit.

I've been working towards completing a hat and bootie set tonight.  It's super sweet 100% cotton and knit with lots of love.  I am so in love with the yarn I'm using for it.  It is blue, green, brown, and cream and is striping beautifully.  I'm leaving off feminine embellishments because this set can stand on its own- and will be equally lovable on a baby boy or girl!

I also completed my first custom order- the cutest little monkey is going to be wearing the runner up come Saturday- thanks for the order G. hope C.'s first birthday is super fun!  (please send me pics of him wearing the shirt, he is just too cute!!)

Hope everyone realizes they can have something equally unique or even more so- just get in touch and I'll make it happen!

E-mail: itsthepotatoes@gmail.com

It's Cold and My Pants are Wet

Wednesday, November 3
So I decided getting a start on the mountain of laundry last night was a great idea- too bad I forgot to dry it and had no pants to wear for the first truly cold day this fall.  Oh well, maybe wearing shorts and running shoes will make me want to go work out!

I asked my readers for advice in an earlier post, and received this wonderful email, right when I needed it:

Great idea!  Stay with it.  The only advice i have is "When all else fails,
persistence will win".  I am an example of this--- a liberal arts
degree--minimal accounting education--no Masters Degree,---  took four times
to pass the CPA exam--three hard years of trying--at slave labor
wages---$300.00 monthly---rent was $75.00 monthly!   I worked all day until
6:00 pm most nights--came home and did husband/father chores and studied
until bedtime.  Took one night off a week to rest.  JHS will confirm.

It paid off in the long run.  It was BORING, HARD, and FRUSTRATING.
However, everything worthwhile in life takes a lot of effort.  The
result is always worth the effort!

Hang in there!
Much Love,

Even though the number of readers is picking up on this blog, and I'm gaining followers on Twitter and people who "Like" me on Facebook, I still feel (and am) a very small online presence.  However, this simple message has renewed my drive.  I am going to be an example of persistence.  I have been in other areas of my life- why not doing something I love?

Thanks G.!

P.S. Anyone else with something to say? Leave a comment, find me on Facebook or Twitter, or E-mail itsthepotatoes@gmail.com- trust me, your time will not be wasted!
Also, my store is having a sale! http://www.etsy.com/shop/ItsThePotatoes

Loud Music, Skateboards, Knitting Needles

Tuesday, November 2
I'm at the skate park with the kids I nanny.  I think their dream is to become pros- whether it be skateboarding, football, or guitar- they want to rock!  Where does that childhood hope and determination go?  When I was the oldest's age I just knew that I was going to an Ivy League-esque college and saving the world with my loving heart and indispensable knowledge.  Oops!

Too bad I find the monotony of going to class so dreadfully boring, I think I could be well on my way to a Master's by now if I could just finish the stupid classes, it's not like they're actually difficult.  Of course, then I would have to choose a major and stick with it, and I just don't know about all that commitment.

Furthermore, my dream is to work from home.  Hence my new online store- It's The Potatoes! I just can't see spending hours at a desk to spend a life at a desk.  I hate desks.  I hate desk jobs.  I'm just not cut out for that type of work.

I want to be a stay AND work at home mom eventually.  I can't see a life where my (future) children are ushered between school and caregivers.  I know there are awesome caregivers out there (*ME*), but I really would like more time with said children than the rushing around for dinner and bed and rushing around to get ready for school and work.  Lame.

However, I do love creating.  I love finding new ways to do things.  I love helping people.  Ideally I would like my store to generate enough income to support myself/family as well as make a considerable difference through contributions to charities.  I really mean that too.  I'm not talking 1% of sales.  I really would like the ability to change lives through what I do for a living, but still earn a living.  I want It's The Potatoes! to generate warm fuzzies through it's products AND its actions!

Maybe I do still have that childhood hope and determination- now I'm just old and bitter enough to realize how crazy I sound.  Oh well, I'm not the first person to be told something is foolish.  Now to succeed anyway....
Helpful ideas?  Feedback?  Leave a comment or email itsthepotatoes@gmail.com (Please leave love, not hate!)

New Month, New Yarn

Monday, November 1
My new yarn came in the mail today! I am so excited!  My wonderful W. bought me some all natural baby alpaca/silk blend yarn- it is so pretty!  I'm not sure what I want to do with it yet.  Any ideas?  It's super soft with a beautiful sheen to it!  I'm thinking a gorgeous hat!

Halloween and Knitting Hats

So I spent this weekend working on new baby stuff- cute knit hats and booties made of 100% cotton! Seriously cute stuff, people! I need to get pictures posted!  I'm about to make my first custom order baby shirt for a sweet little boy's first birthday! I am so excited, it is going to be so adorable! Thanks for the order G.- I hope you love it!

I got to take my little baby half brother trick-or-treating for a bit this evening. He was a little pumpkin and super sweet in his costume (which he didn't want to wear until the candy receiving part was explained). We took him to a couple of houses and he was quite intrigued by the cool Halloween decorations- and the magic of his candy bag. I swear I think he will white knuckle that bag for the rest of the week! He seems to enjoy sharing his candy with all available mouths- including the three dogs!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and that this is the beginning of a happy month for all!