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Increasing Views...

Sunday, October 24
Today I found some more orange shirts and onesies that were reasonably priced.  I went ahead and bought them in preparation for making some more items for my shop- hopefully I'll have time to do so this week.  I'm not feeling great thanks to added nanny hours taking care of a sick little one, but that's ok, we played Battleship and it was adorable watching him figure out the coordinates.  I also have a huge paper due and a big biology test this coming week.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that added weekend rest will have me right as rain by Monday!

Your Spuds Look Darling In Our Duds

I'm really excited because I have some more customer views of items in my shop today, not a ton more, but it's something!  It might be due to my wonderful boyfriend doing some high tech computer stuff that I don't understand to increase Google hits.  He's starting to teach me about this stuff, and I'm trying to learn, but currently I feel like he's speaking Greek.  Who knows?  Maybe It's The Potatoes will become a household name like Kelly's Kids or Gap!


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