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Halloween and Knitting Hats

Monday, November 1
So I spent this weekend working on new baby stuff- cute knit hats and booties made of 100% cotton! Seriously cute stuff, people! I need to get pictures posted!  I'm about to make my first custom order baby shirt for a sweet little boy's first birthday! I am so excited, it is going to be so adorable! Thanks for the order G.- I hope you love it!

I got to take my little baby half brother trick-or-treating for a bit this evening. He was a little pumpkin and super sweet in his costume (which he didn't want to wear until the candy receiving part was explained). We took him to a couple of houses and he was quite intrigued by the cool Halloween decorations- and the magic of his candy bag. I swear I think he will white knuckle that bag for the rest of the week! He seems to enjoy sharing his candy with all available mouths- including the three dogs!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and that this is the beginning of a happy month for all!

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