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Bibb Lettuce!

Wednesday, November 10

I just finished knitting my first bib, and I must say, I am really proud. I am calling it "Bibb Lettuce" because I think it looks like a a beautiful leaf.  I am contemplating what sort of closure I want to put on the strap, and whether or not I should make it more special with some crocheted details- I think I will.  I keep seeing a pretty little girl in her Sunday best wearing this sweet little bib for Easter.  I am thinking pink roses might be just the thing to make it extra special.  I will definitely be making more of these, I LOVE it!  Feel free to let me know your thoughts and suggestions, feedback is always welcome!

On another note, I am so looking forward to little A.'s arrival, and I really hope her mommy comes back to the South ASAP- I already miss her!  Everyone, cross your fingers!  I might just have sneak up to Utah and get her myself...

I am probably going to try my hand at amigurumi this week (and hopefully finally get around to playing with the sewing machine!...and maybe weaving as well)  W. wants amigurumis for Christmas, so I had better get started- Batman, Spiderman, and Mega Man have all been requested (along with many others).

Hope everyone is doing well!  Be grateful to our Veteran's this week and always- they give their lives in ways I don't think I could ever willingly face.http://www.etsy.com/shop/ItsThePotatoes

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