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Late Night Knitting and Painting Monkeys

Thursday, November 4
Who doesn't love baby clothes?  They are some of the most precious things in life.  Tiny and adorable, designed to make something already irresistible even more so.  A baby is cute no matter what, but a baby dressed with love is that much cuter.

Is it an evolutionary thing to want our young to be as beautiful as possible?  To inspire feelings of love and protection to all who gaze upon them?  I know there have been studies on this...I'm just not sure that clothes came up.  It's been proven that parents and people in general take better care of children that are perceived as more attractive (seriously, look at random studies performed in grocery stores, it's sort of scary).  I don't think it could possibly hurt to give your child a boost up with a yummy little outfit.

I've been working towards completing a hat and bootie set tonight.  It's super sweet 100% cotton and knit with lots of love.  I am so in love with the yarn I'm using for it.  It is blue, green, brown, and cream and is striping beautifully.  I'm leaving off feminine embellishments because this set can stand on its own- and will be equally lovable on a baby boy or girl!

I also completed my first custom order- the cutest little monkey is going to be wearing the runner up come Saturday- thanks for the order G. hope C.'s first birthday is super fun!  (please send me pics of him wearing the shirt, he is just too cute!!)

Hope everyone realizes they can have something equally unique or even more so- just get in touch and I'll make it happen!

E-mail: itsthepotatoes@gmail.com

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