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Loud Music, Skateboards, Knitting Needles

Tuesday, November 2
I'm at the skate park with the kids I nanny.  I think their dream is to become pros- whether it be skateboarding, football, or guitar- they want to rock!  Where does that childhood hope and determination go?  When I was the oldest's age I just knew that I was going to an Ivy League-esque college and saving the world with my loving heart and indispensable knowledge.  Oops!

Too bad I find the monotony of going to class so dreadfully boring, I think I could be well on my way to a Master's by now if I could just finish the stupid classes, it's not like they're actually difficult.  Of course, then I would have to choose a major and stick with it, and I just don't know about all that commitment.

Furthermore, my dream is to work from home.  Hence my new online store- It's The Potatoes! I just can't see spending hours at a desk to spend a life at a desk.  I hate desks.  I hate desk jobs.  I'm just not cut out for that type of work.

I want to be a stay AND work at home mom eventually.  I can't see a life where my (future) children are ushered between school and caregivers.  I know there are awesome caregivers out there (*ME*), but I really would like more time with said children than the rushing around for dinner and bed and rushing around to get ready for school and work.  Lame.

However, I do love creating.  I love finding new ways to do things.  I love helping people.  Ideally I would like my store to generate enough income to support myself/family as well as make a considerable difference through contributions to charities.  I really mean that too.  I'm not talking 1% of sales.  I really would like the ability to change lives through what I do for a living, but still earn a living.  I want It's The Potatoes! to generate warm fuzzies through it's products AND its actions!

Maybe I do still have that childhood hope and determination- now I'm just old and bitter enough to realize how crazy I sound.  Oh well, I'm not the first person to be told something is foolish.  Now to succeed anyway....
Helpful ideas?  Feedback?  Leave a comment or email itsthepotatoes@gmail.com (Please leave love, not hate!)

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