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It's Cold and My Pants are Wet

Wednesday, November 3
So I decided getting a start on the mountain of laundry last night was a great idea- too bad I forgot to dry it and had no pants to wear for the first truly cold day this fall.  Oh well, maybe wearing shorts and running shoes will make me want to go work out!

I asked my readers for advice in an earlier post, and received this wonderful email, right when I needed it:

Great idea!  Stay with it.  The only advice i have is "When all else fails,
persistence will win".  I am an example of this--- a liberal arts
degree--minimal accounting education--no Masters Degree,---  took four times
to pass the CPA exam--three hard years of trying--at slave labor
wages---$300.00 monthly---rent was $75.00 monthly!   I worked all day until
6:00 pm most nights--came home and did husband/father chores and studied
until bedtime.  Took one night off a week to rest.  JHS will confirm.

It paid off in the long run.  It was BORING, HARD, and FRUSTRATING.
However, everything worthwhile in life takes a lot of effort.  The
result is always worth the effort!

Hang in there!
Much Love,

Even though the number of readers is picking up on this blog, and I'm gaining followers on Twitter and people who "Like" me on Facebook, I still feel (and am) a very small online presence.  However, this simple message has renewed my drive.  I am going to be an example of persistence.  I have been in other areas of my life- why not doing something I love?

Thanks G.!

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